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Welcome to Syntask Labs Inc.


Syntask Laboratories Inc. is a custom synthesis organization focusing on expedient synthesis of key intermediates, building blocks for R & D Departments of pharmaceutical and biotech companies. 

Our mission is to efficiently serve our clients with high quality standard at competitive prices.  We provide the special catalog chemicals, and custom synthesis services to accelerate their research and innovation programs. 

The scales of our synthesis are ranging from a few milligrams to a kilogram.  We particularly have strong expertise in synthesizing the various rare adenine, imidazole, indole, pyrazole, pyridine, quinoline, oxadiazole, thiophene, thiazole and triazole heterocyclic derivatives, and their boronic acid derivatives.

To place an order or check prices and availabilities for any products on our catalog or request a quotation for any custom synthesis, please send your inquiring to us by either our email, fax or phone.

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